Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included when I buy a home from you in your community?

When we sell you a home we will price it out for for it to be move in ready. Getting it there, connected, appliances checked, etc. You may or may not need to buy appliances depending on your home and selections, and you will be responsible for your own furniture, etc.

Yes you can. We can help arrange for delivery and leveling the home. But you’d be responsible for the connections to utilities as desired locally.

The short answer is: nothing, we are tiny homes. The longer answer is that “Tiny Homes” is an umbrella term used to describe any living structure that is under 400 sq. ft. So a 401 sq. ft. home would technically NOT be a tiny home. Within the definition of tiny homes there are various options: THOWS, Park Models, Containers, Conversions, Modular, Manufactured, Stick Built, etc. 

Our cottages are currently offered only as RV Park Models (about 399 sqft) that are built on a chassis with wheels. Park Models meet ANSI 119.5 codes.

First, you need to find out where you want to live, whether in our community or on your own property.  If in one of our communities the first step is picking & reserving a lot.  Once you know where, then you can start the semi-custom design process.  Once design options are finalized you can order your home. We require 10-20% cash down to start production and the remainder when the home is set up on your lot or prior to shipment. Reach out to with any questions you may have.

We work with several different financing companies, but of course you are welcome to get financing through other companies who are willing.  Most require at least 10% down, including 21st Mortgage and Triad Financial Services.  Visit these sites for pre-approval.

All of our homes are assembled and delivered fully assembled.  When delivered it can be leveled in position, but you’ll need a local contractor for completing the connections and for skirting, stairs, additional decking, etc.

Our lots are currently available only for lease. The lease is $490+/month which includes power, water, sewer, trash, land taxes, lot maintenance & community amenities.

Please reach out to us directly at

Yes! We include Dog Parks in our communities too! Although we love all fur babies, we do have limits to the number and breeds of pets allowed on our leased lots due to space restrictions and health & safety reasons. The policies are different for each community, so please check the Rules & Regulations for each. We do require that each pet has a full current vaccination record and rabies shots. Pets are typically approved unless the breed is on the uninsurable list or goes against city/county ordinances. 

2 Dog or 2 Cats


Take inventory

Begin by making a list of wants vs. needs. This is very hard to do as you naturally want to keep everything. A need is something necessary to live and function. A want is something that can improve your quality of life. A need includes food, water, clothing, shelter, and medical care; Wants include everything else. For me, my espresso machine is a necessity since it is needed for me to function properly. Clothing is also a necessity, but you may not need all those outfits for every day and every occasion. Bath towels are a need but you will not need over 20 bath towels. Blankets are a necessity, but you only need a few blankets, not ten. Minimizing these items will significantly save you space. You may find you will have to do laundry more frequently, but you will have much smaller loads. Also, keep note of what you are going to get rid of or donate.

How tiny do you want to live?

Living tiny doesn’t necessarily mean you have to live as a minimalist. How tiny do you want to go? The typical tiny home is 399 sq. ft. or less. It helps to know what kind of tiny home you want to move into. When you live tiny, everything should have its own space, so it is also suggested to rid of any duplicate items you may have. Less kitchen utensils, less kitchen gadgets, less shoes, less linens etc. I personally need to work on getting rid of my closet full of graphic tees. (I have way too many concert t-shirts) Research some tiny home layouts to get a general idea of what kind of space you’re working with.

Clear up space before deciding to move

Donate, give things away, or trash it. If you have any gently used items in good condition, find a local charity or non-profit organization to donate to. Clean out your wardrobe, rid of extra appliances, clear out the pantry, unpack the garage, etc. There are many places to donate coats, donate extra nonperishable food, donate appliances, donate tools, donate shoes, donate furniture, and many places to help you recycle. Clearing up before moving will make the move much easier. If you have the time, have a small $1 yard sale or post it up on the Facebook Marketplace (for free). This isn’t about making a profit; this is a lifestyle change. Don’t give yourself a headache over it though, take it one room at a time. Sometimes it’s just easier to just trash things. You can find great YouTube Videos on decluttering and downsizing,

Test it out

Before you make an extreme lifestyle change, see if you enjoy tiny living first. Visit a local tiny home village and book an airbnb stay in a few different tiny homes for a week or two or longer. You can find tiny home stays all over airbnb. If there are no tiny homes in your area or you are unable to get away, there is sure to be someone renting out their RV or Camper for homestays. Get used to a smaller living area and take notes of what you like or dislike about it. This will also give you a good idea on finding what layout or features work best for you. If you’re in South Carolina, our Mountain Grove Village will eventually have one tiny home available for Air B&B soon!

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